Saturday, January 4, 2014

Reflections on Fire from Visions blog

Reflections on Fire
by Caylin Spear

My version of the story is a lot less dramatic compared with the loss the owners of Hanapepe Naturals are enduring.  I lost about 15 paintings, maybe more, still not completely sure, in a fire that happened last week.  It has been a roller  coaster of emotions especially in dealing with the loss of the wax encaustic work.  I am still photographing and trying to figure out what to do with all the remains I salvaged from the fire.  In the mean time I have had over $200 in donations from my fellow Women Artist of Kauai sisters.  With this generosity I am able to buy enough material to replace most of the work.  The new series will be different of course, but maybe it will be better than before.  Now I just want to go to the dump with all of the stinky char broiled mess of paintings, but I will postpone that trip until I figure out if I could reseal the beeswax and preserve some of the interesting marks made in the wax from the fire damage.  I have learned about the impermanence of art and really life itself.  The constant circle of creation and destruction.  It is a reminder of the balance found in life.  So delicate and always changing.  Moral of the story: Get fire insurance!  Cheers to moving forward with even more beautiful images than those that were lost!


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